Bye Forever, 2014

In 2014, I accomplished a lot of goals. It was a good year for me, academically and professionally. I got my Masters Degree, moved into a new apartment, was given more respect and responsibility at work and managed to land a spot in an amazing apprenticeship program that will get me ahead in my field. 2014 was great for that side of my life… Not so great for others.

I didn’t write a single* blog post, I failed at NaNoWriMo, I started and bailed on at least five stories, I’ve taken fewer photos this past year than I did in August 2013 and I can barely draw. Creatively, I’ve had a difficult year and I’m still struggling to find a balance between the things I feel I have to do and the things that I want to do… Or would want to do, if I weren’t so tired.

2014 is over now; the minutes are ticking by and 2015 is well underway. Every year I make a series of resolutions, but every year I fall short. This year, I only have one resolution: be creative. I feel I’ve suffered by not nurturing the creative spirit that allowed me to juggle multiple hobbies and projects throughout my life. I believe that in order to set myself right, I need to pay more attention to my inner artist, regardless of how scatterbrained she might be.

So, how does one simply ‘be creative’? I’ll figure that out as I go. For now, I’ll use it as an excuse to get back into photography, drawing, nail art, and knitting. I’ll see where I go from there…

To anyone reading, even after all this time… Happy 2015!

happy new year from


*Does Tumblr count? I’ll go with no on that one.