Nail Art Challenge – Week 1: HULK!

Phew! I have been away too long! Friday I was travelling around Toronto looking at apartments and panicking… And then a good friend came to visit and the weekend suddenly got AWESOME. Then there was further apartment panic… Today is the first day I’ve really felt up to blogging. At long last! Now I can reveal my nails for week one of the challenge!

8 week nail art challenge @

  1. Your least used colour
  2. Metallic or glitter
  3. French tips
  4. Polka dots
  5. Stripes
  6. Follow a tutorial
  7. Water marbling
  8. Something epic!

hand with fingers splayed, nails painted green nail

One of my lovely friends got me this green as part of a set of nail polish where each colour represented an avenger. This one, of course, is the Hulk. Other people might call this colour grey – while I agree that it’s greyish, it’s firmly green to my eye. And I’ve never thought this about anything green before, but I’m not sure this colour is for me?

hands with green nails holding two bottles of nail polish, one green and one purple

I paired it with a dark purple I may not have worn before. I can’t remember. Since I continue to be weirdly into Joss Whedon’s Avengers (enough so that my friends get me avengers things as presents) I went for a Hulk themed manicure.

Nail Art Challenge Week 1

I went with a jagged purple tip to emulate his torn shorts, and painstakingly painted his face on with a couple striper polishes I got at zellers a while back. It was difficult! But also super fun. I used some fun scissors my mom gave me to cut tape into weird patterns, and stuck them across my nail semi-regularly.

Nail Art Challenge Week 1

The tape is much harder to cut than I thought it would be. I love the purple, though. I can’t think why I haven’t used it more often.

Nail Art Challenge Week 1

Well, that’s it! Week one done. Anyone else got some sweet or challenging nails to show off?

Nail Art Challenge Week 1

Hmm… looking at these pictures, I like the colour even more now… There is no end to the Hulk’s power.



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